Continent ASIA- Interesting Knowledge


  • It is the largest continent .It covers one-third of earth’s surface.
  • Also it is the biggest in terms of population in the world. Half of the world population lives here. World’s two most populous countries, China & India are in this continent.
  • It has 30% of world land area & 60% of population
  • It is the birth place of great religions – Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity
  • It is also the place of great ancient civilizations- Chinese, Harrapan
  • According to one estimate 9 of 11 Global Growth Generators countries came from Asia driven by population and income growth
  • It is the home of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world. Mount Everest , the highest mountain in the world is here only .
  • Major Animals of Asia – Reticulated Pythons,Tiger,Panda , Yaks, Indian Rhinoceroses .

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