Knowledge about- Europe

  • It is believed that Europe is named originally after ‘Europa’ who was a Phoenician Princess from Greek Mythology..
  • In Europe , there are no deserts.It is the only continent without any deserts.
  • Both world wars were largely focused in Europe.
  • Golf started in Scotland and Cricket was first played in Britain,both of these are countries in Europe.Similarly piano and guitar are European inventions.
  • The Vatican city, the world’s smallest country is in Europe .
  • Most of the countries of Europe use a single currency called the Euro.
  • Germany is the most populous country in Europe whereas London and Paris are most populous cities in this continent.
  • Industrial revolution is said to have originated in Europe only & from here it spread to whole world.
  • One of the unusual festival of Europe is the Tomatina Festival ,it is celebrated in Spain. In this ,every participant is involved in throwing tomatoes at each other.
  • Major Animals of Europe-European tree frogs, Wild boars,Blue tit,Hedge hog,Roe Deer

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