Knowledge About Oceans & Seas


  • If you could evaporate all the water out of all the oceans and spread the resulting salt over the Earth ,you would have a 500 -ft layer covering everything!
  • Do you know that life in the ocean varies as we go deep ! Plants grow to a depth of about 107 meters.Fish color changes ,fish living near surface are often blue ,green or violet.In twilight zone,which is 180 meters down ,fish are silver or light colored.Many fish living 3000 meter down in the dark ocean waters,have their own lights.
  • Dead Sea is so salty because it is surrounded by a hot desert ,the intense heat causes sea water to evaporate faster ,thus large quantity of salt remaining in sea as large quantity of water goes into air
  • The Pacific is the largest and deepest ocean in the world.
  • The Red Sea in the Indian Ocean has the saltiest water ,it is also known as Dead Sea as its water is so salty that nothing can remain alive in it.
  • The Mercury,Gemini and Apollo spacecraft landed in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans when they returned to earth.
  • Dead Sea (also known as Red Sea) is puts lot of upwards force due to large quantity of salt in it ,so people can remain afloat in this or can swim with no effort
  • The Indian Ocean is the warmest ocean.The temperature of surface water sometimes touches 36.6 degrees
  • The Mediterranean Sea is also called ‘incubator of Western civilization’.
  • The scientists who specialize in study of oceans are called Oceanographers .
  • Do you know “Pacific means “peaceful”.Actually when people first found it ,they found it very calm & peaceful, so they named it “Pacific”.
  • An estuary is a place where a river flows into the sea
  • Do you know what are Mangroves? Mangroves are trees & shrubs that grow on sea shores & estuaries ,theor roots are special so that they can breathe in oxygen.
  • Splash zones are parts of the beaches which are covered by water as the tide come.
  • Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning high sea-waves .
  • Do you what are Buoys? These are coloured metal floats which are anchored to the sea bed,these are used to warn sailors about dangers of rocks,sand-banks ,wreckage etc.
  • Do you know what is a Knot? It is a measure of speed at sea .One knot equals 1.85 kilometre per hour.

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