Knowledge about- PAKISTAN


• Steel Mill is in Bin Qasim

• Old name of Jacobabad is Khangharh.

• Kot Digi Fort is in Khairpur district.

• Peshawar means city of flowers.

• Warsak dam (near Peshawar) is built on Kabul River.

• Tirich Mir mounts of Hindu Kash separate Afghanistan and Tajistanfrom Pak:

• Islamia College Peshawar was founded in 1914 by Sahibzada Abdul Qayum.

• Quaid Azam Medical College is in Bahawalpur.

• Choukundi toms are located near Karachi.

• Atock Fort was built by Akbar.

• The land b/w Indus & Jehlum river is called Thal Desert or Sindh Sagar Doab.

• Ruins of Harapa found in Sahiwal.

• Lahore Fort was built by Akbar.

• At Toonsa Sharif the borders of three provinces meet.

• With Gilgit & Baltistan the frontiers of three counties meet.

• Tochi pass connects Pak: with China.

• Pak: has 6 international airports.

• Pak: has 27 Radio Stations.

• Pak: railways factory is in Risalpur.

• Chitral is famous for gold.

• Port Qasim is the largest seaport of Pak: smallest is Gawadar

• The chairman of National Economic Council is PM.

• National flower of Pakistan is Jasmine.

• National bird of Pakistan is Chakore.

• National tree of Pakistan is Deodar.

• National animal of Pakistan is Markhor (a type of goat).

• National emblem of Pakistan is Cresent.

• National sport of Pakistan is land Hockey.

• Oldest cantonment of Pak: is Kohat.

• HQ of Pak: Army is at RawalPindi.

• HQ of Airforce is at Chaklala.

• HQ of Navy is at Islamabad.

• Islamabad is 8 miles from Rawalpindi.

• Photograph on the coin of one rupee is Quaid’s photo.

• 4.8% of total area of Pak: is forests (standard is 25%)

• Hub dam and Thadho Dam are in Malir Karachi near Gadap Town.

• Map of Shah Faisal Mosque was made by Wahdat Diloky of Turkey.

• Largest radio station of Pak: is Islamabad.

• Tarbela dam is in Abot Abad.

• Raeewind is in Kasur.

• Baitul Maal established in 1992.


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