Knowledge About TIGERS


  • Tigers belong to “Cat” family of animals & is the largest (in size) in cat family , the 2nd one is Lion.
  • It is the third largest land carnivore (behind only the Polar bear and the Brown bear).
  • It is assumed that word tiger came from the Greek work “ tigris “, which has been derived from a Persian word which means “an arrow”.
  • Its most recognizable feature is a pattern of dark black stripes on golden yellow skin.
  • The pattern of stripes is unique to each tiger, these unique markings can be used to identify individuals .It is like finger-prints in human-beings.
  • There are 9 subspecies of tiger, 3 of which are extinct now.
  • Tigers tend to live alone .
  • To mark his territory , the male marks trees by spraying of urine as well as marking trails with faeces.
  • Tigers are strong swimmers, and are often found bathing in ponds, lakes, and rivers.
  • They may also cross rivers up to 6 to 7 km across and can swim a distance of up to 29 km in a day.
  • Tigers don’t like when it is too hot, they generally spend really hot days lying in pools and streams


  • Tigers normally are nocturnal predators, hunting at night . They have good night vision.
  • Tigers have a very poor success rate as hunters, their average is 1 kill out of every 20 attempts.
  • Male tigers (unlike lions ) will allow the females and cubs to feed on the kill first.
  • An adult tiger can live up to 2 weeks without eating but then it can eat up to 34 kg (75 lb) of food at one sitting.
  • Tigers usually hunt alone .
  • A tiger takes many days to finish eating its kill. It eats until it’s full, and the rest is hidden with leaves and dirt. When it’s hungry again, comes back to feed some more, until all the flesh is over.
  • It eats small animals such as turtles & frogs, as well as large ones such as buffalo & a large antelope.
  • A Tigers footprints are called ‘Pug Marks”.
  • A tiger retracts its claws while walking, so no claw marks can be found in its tracks.
  • A group of tigers is called “streak”.
  • A Tiger’s vision is 6 times better than humans.
  • You can hear roar of a tiger from 2 kms .
  • A tiger length can be 6 feet & the tail can be as long as 3 feet.

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