Knowledge About Water

  • indexHave you ever thought about floating ice in a glass of water, glaciers floating in oceans? And ice is solid! From what we know about matter, a solid should sink in liquid as solid molecules are denser than liquids, so why does not the ice, which is solid form of water does not sink in its liquid form. This is a unique quality of water. Its solid form is 9% less dense than its liquid form.
  • Although 70% of earth’s surface is covered by water ,but total water on the surface of earth makes up just 0.025 % of earth’s total mass i.e. 25/100,000ths of the stuff of the earth.
  • Pure water is so pure that one can’t even drink it. It tastes very bland & due to its solvent properties, it would absorb all the minerals from your tongue & your mouth would feel dry So few minerals are added back to water by water-producing companies so as to make it tastier & safe for your dinking.
  • The two-litre bottle of a cola requires five litres water to produce.
  • Water exists in almost every substance ,you eat or drink. Percentage of water in few items Milk-90%,Bread-30%, Meat-75%,Egg-73%,Cucumber-95%,Lettuce -95%,Tomato-95%,Potato-75%.
  • Water exists in a fourth form too, despite it being so vast & important, it is never mentioned outside scientific circles .The vast quantity of water is locked in the rock deep in the Earth’s mantle ,in a layer about 410 kilometres below your feet.
  • All the water on Earth came from space in exactly the form is in now i.e. H2O.
  • Every hour, the Earth’s oceans are evaporating 50 cubic kilometres of water into the air (13 trillion gallons).
  • Just the leaves from a single acre of trees might send eight thousand gallons of water up into the air in a day, which is enough to fill a normal swimming pool.
  • A normal toilet uses 6-8 litres of water for one time use, so if you flush five times a day ,that means 30-40 litres of water being used by one person just for flushing toilets in a day.
  • According to WHO, 1.8 million children die every year, either from lack of water or from diseases they get from not-so-pure drinking water. That no. is too high, in other words, it is 5000 children a day.
  • Agriculture, producing food for us, uses two thirds of all the water people use.
  • Do you know microwave cook/heat your food due to water only? Yes, water molecules inside a cup of coffee or a potato, can spin 1 billion times a second, in response to the microwaves. This spinning motion causes heat, which cooks the surrounding food.
  • Popcorn in a microwave pops when the 14 % of each kernel that is water, inside a corn grain, vaporizes into steam and expands the grain.
  • You can use internet, your computer, your iPhone because of water only. These all are made by micro-chips, they are so tiny & pathways on them are of nano-size, even a slight impurity won’t let these microchips to function properly, so these microchips are cleaned by using pure water as water takes away all the impurities from path-ways due to its solvent properties.

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