Sceince Facts With Reasons


Why do we dance when we are controlling pee?

It happens to each one of us. Sometimes our bladder gets full & there is urgent need to pee ,we sometimes are not able to go to washroom due to some reasons .Then we find ourselves either humming or hoping from one foot to other .It happens because when message of taking urgent action and the reality that situation does not allow us to do that – goes to the brain ,it gets translated into several rhyming displacement behaviors. That results into humming or some other amusing action. But do you know that remaining calm & still can help you to control longer.

Why do mosquitoes bite some people not others ?

Mosquitoes (females) find their pray with help of sight & smell. A female mosquito antennae has about 72 types of odour receptors, out of which 27 can recognise chemicals found in human sweat. These chemicals are octenol, nonanal & carbon-dioxide. The people having higher level of these chemicals in their sweat are bitten more by mosquitoes as they can find the smell of these chemicals easily to which their receptors are tuned.

Why do we have leap years ?

The no. of days in a year are based on no. of days taken by the Earth to complete one orbit around the Sun. It takes slightly more than 365 days, it is actually 365.256 .So it is about 1/4th day more every year.To keep it simple , these quarter days are added & after every 4 years ,we have one extra day in the year. These years re known as leap years.

Why do birds never crash into each other ?

Most of large birds fly in a V formation (also known as echelon) .It helps them to improve efficiency and avoid collisions.In fact echelon are rarely perfect Vs and mostly are J shapes.In ether shape,each bird of the flock gets the best possible view of the bird in front so that it can maintain a safe distance.

Why do ears ring sometimes ?

Ringing of ears is also known as Tinnitus (Latin for ringing).Loud noises like music ,fireworks damages hair cells in the inner ear.The ends of these hair cells get broken due to high level of noise.These hair cells are responsible for taking messages to the brain ,but once they are damaged they false signals to the brain causing ringing sound.These usually grow back in 24 hours.Tinnitus can also be caused by ear infections.

Why hair turns grey ?

The root of every hair is surrounded by a tube of tissue that is called hair follicle. This follicle has a certain number of pigment cells,these cells keep producing a chemical called melanin.This is responsible for giving color to the hair -be it black,black,blonde or brown.As the age passes ,several of these pigment cells die Less pigment cells are not sufficient to produce enough melanin .Due to less melanin ,hair become more transparent in color like grey ,silver or white.



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